About the Firm

The Yehoshua Diamant Law Firm was established in 1982 by Adv. Yehoshua Diamant.

This esteemed boutique law firm specializes in all areas of real estate in Israel, and is unique by its excellent client relations management, combined with comprehensive legal services. The firm's uncompromising quality and professionalism, together with its strong commitment to client interests, lead its many clients to maintain ongoing work relations with it, dating back to the firm's establishment. 

The Yehoshua Diamant Law Firm has broad experience in the fields of planning & zoning, and real estate, which has been acquired thanks to its involvement in the most significant real estate matters in the Israeli market, including overseeing some of the most complex and ambitious projects Israel has ever known in the real estate realm. Moreover, part of the cases handled by the firm's legal team, have led to precedential procedures in the fields of planning & zoning, and real estate. 

The firm has a broad clientele base which includes real estate and construction companies, as well as private clients and entrepreneurs who are land owners and members of purchase groups, and operate in the field of real estate.

Our legal team oversees all matters from start to finish, advising on all angles and phases, beginning with the initial step of purchasing ground, on to legal struggles in changing the goround's zoning and construction rights, planning and funding the project, and ending with marketing and selling it. Moreover, our legal team represents its clients as part of legal feuds derived from different real estate projects.

The Yehoshua Diamant Law Firm has been recognized as a leader in its areas of expertise by the leading Israeli legal directories Dun & Bradstreet, and BDI, which consistently include the firm at the top of their rankings for law firms excelling in the fields of planning & zoning, and real estate in Israel.